What to Do in Kelowna in the Winter

Published on January 19, 2024

When you hear ‘Okanagan’, you automatically think of summer, right? What with the sunshine and the lake and the beaches, it’s not surprising that people’s minds envision the area in the warmer months.

But what if we told you that Kelowna and the surrounding area was just as great a place to visit in the winter? No, we really mean it! Kelowna and the surrounding area are great places to escape the bitter cold and embrace the season everyone loves to hate. Start the new year off right by embracing the cold and try something new by spending winter in Kelowna.


Oh so mild

While some areas of BC have to deal with bitter cold and excessive snow, the Okanagan has the benefit of very mild winters. Even though you might not think so at the moment, the average temperature during the coldest months is around -3 celsius, and very little snow actually sticks within the city. If you’re tired of shoveling snow and being trapped indoors due to excessive windchill, then winter in Kelowna is definitely the place for you. There’s no reason to not be active just because it’s a little chilly outside!


Hit the slopes

Being surrounded by mountains has its advantages, and not just for the stunning views. Kelowna has two ski resorts nearby that allow you to embrace the winter season whether you want the thrills of skiing and snowboarding, or just want to take in nature with cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

With Big White Ski Resort near Kelowna and Silver Star Mountain Resort in Vernon, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to hitting the slopes.



Ice sports

Winter means ice and ice means skating! If you want to be a spectator, the Kelowna Rockets hockey team are midway through their season and have some of the best hockey outside the NHL. Check out their schedule to see when the next home game is happening and get yourself some tickets.

If you’d like to do some skating yourself, There are several arenas in the city that have public skating times and rentals, and even an outdoor rink right downtown near the waterfront.


Food and drink

Just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean Kelowna’s food scene slows down! With so many restaurants that locally source their ingredients, you can get just as good a taste of the Okanagan in the winter as in the summer. And while there may not be any grapes on the vines this time of year, the wineries still have plenty of bottles stocked for you to get the perfect tasting in. Same goes for the craft breweries; sit inside where it’s cozy and sample some locally brewed beers and tasty appies.

Think you’d like to try whipping up some Kelowna favourites yourself? There’s several cooking classes and demonstration events that will have you making all sorts of unique and delicious dishes.


Community events

Kelowna doesn’t close its doors just because it’s winter—there’s plenty of cool events and activities going on around town to entertain you and your family. From the Okanagan Hot Chocolate Festival to the Living Things International Arts Festival,to live music and theatre, you’ll have something to do no matter what the weather is doing. Tourism Kelowna has a list of all the things going on in the city each month, so check there to see what’s happening and when.


Now that you know what to do in kelowna in winter, if you’re thinking you’d like to make Kelowna your year-round residence, then you’re going to need a place to call home—that’s where we come in. With over 40 years combined real estate experience in the Okanagan, we will help you find the best place for you and yours, no matter the season! Give us a call at 250-860-0303 today and let’s get started!


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