Kelowna, BC

Settled in the mid-1800’s, Kelowna B.C. has grown to nearly 130,000 residents.

A city unlike any other, Kelowna pays homage to its historic roots, but is also progressive in architectural design and ongoing community events. Kelowna is a brilliant mix of an urban city landscape and the staggering beauty of rural charm. As a flourishing cultural centre, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, and a wine connoisseur’s dream come true, this idyllic Okanagan city promises an unforgettable experience.

Quick Facts:

  • Kelowna means Grizzly Bear in First Nation’s dialect
  • 250 events at Kelowna Community Theatre each year
  • Kelowna International Airport is 10th busiest in Canada
  • Land area: 221.69km
  • Average temperature high in July and August: 27.4C
  • Average temperature high in December and July: 0

West Kelowna, BC

West Kelowna a warm and friendly city boasting quiet beaches and expansive hills lined with orchards and vineyards. With a rich agricultural history, West Kelowna features some of the oldest vines in the Okanagan Valley. The city provides activities throughout the year, including outdoor concerts and visual arts. Promoting a healthy lifestyle, West Kelowna offers nearly 130 parks and trails awaiting discovery.

Quick Facts:

  • Population 35,000
  • Land area: 123.5km
  • Annual growth (2015)
  • 129 parks and trails
  • City incorporated in 2007
  • B.C.’s 51st city


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