Okanagan Skiing

While the Okanagan Valley is known for its gorgeous summer days spent at the beach or on the boat, it is also famous for the incredible winter activities that can be experienced on the many ski hills surrounding Kelowna.

These nearby mountains allow visitors the flexibility of enjoying the winter adventureland before returing to town to indulge in après with friends and family.

Big White Ski Resort

Located less than 60km from Kelowna, Big White Ski Resort offers year-round activities, from skiing and snowmobiling to incredible hiking, mountain biking, and sightseeing. Known for its unrivaled champagne powder, this award-winning ski destination has become a favorite for all ages. With an accommodation capacity of over 8,000 visitors, and with property types spanning the spectrum from condos to luxury homes, Big White Ski Resort continues to attract more outdoor-enthusiasts year after year.

Mountain Stats

  • Elevation: 2,319m (7,606ft)
  • Village elevation: 1,755m (5,706ft)
  • Vertical drop: 777m (2,550ft)
  • Night vertical drop: 495m (1,624ft)
  • Number of lifts: 15
  • Annual snowfall: 750cm (24.5ft)
  • Runs: 118
  • Difficulty: 18% novice, 54% intermediate, 22% advanced, 6% extreme

Apex Mountain Resort

Located near Penticton in the South Okanagan, Apex Mountain Resort offers visitors a handsome display of dry powder across its uncrowded slopes. Named Best Small Destination Resort by Ski Canada Magazine, Apex is host to year-round activities that include horseback riding, hiking, and biking during the warm summer months. During the winter, guests can enjoy night skiing, terrain parks, tubing, snowshoeing, and more.

Mountain Stats

  • Annual snowfall: 600cm (19 ft or 228in)
  • Vertical drop: 610m (2,000ft)
  • Runs: 67 trails
  • Lift total: 5 (including 1 high-speed quad chairlift)
  • Difficulty: 16% novice, 48% intermediate, 36% advance

Baldy Mountain Resort

Situated just minutes from Osoyoos and Oliver in the South Okanagan, Baldy Mountain Resort’s has a base elevation of 5,650 feet above sea level, sitting 2,000 feet below the impressive mountain peak. Perfectly spaced trees and open bowls create an exhilarating downhill experience for skiers and boarders. Baldy also offers seasonal kid-camps, lessons for all ages, and private instruction.

Mountain Stats:

  • Peak Elevation: 2303m  (7557ft)
  • Base Elevation: 1726m (5665ft)
  • Runs & Acreage: 34 runs & 600 acres of trails
  • Glades & Trees: 340 acres
  • Average snowfall: 21.5ft/650cm
  • Average temperature: -5C/23F
  • Difficulty: 29% novice, 41% intermediate, 30% advanced

Silver Star Mountain Resort

Silver Star Mountain Resort, located 22km from Vernon, B.C., is designed to replicate a charming alpine village with its brightly painted storefronts. With a generous helping of boutique shopping and culinary options, Silver Star Mountain Resort has become a favorite among families and visitors of all types. The popularity of this mountain has made it one of the most desirable in the province, and though the abundance of winter activities are ample, there continues to be a great deal of things to do in the remaining three seasons.

Mountain Stats:

  • Elevation: 1,915m (6,280ft)
  • Village Elevation: 1,609 (5,280ft)
  • Vertical drop: 760m (2,500 ft)
  • Average snowfall: 700cm (23ft)
  • Skiable area: 1,103h (2,725a)
  • Runs: 108 marked downhill trails
  • Lift total: 11
  • Uphill capacity: 13,800 skiers/boarders per hour
  • Difficulty: 20% novice, 50% intermediate, 30% advanced


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