The Best Okanagan Neighbourhoods for Families

Published on April 1, 2024

There’s plenty of things to take into consideration when deciding where to raise your family. You’ll likely want an area with good schools, but do you like being up in the hills or down near the water? Adjacent to downtown or closer to nature?

Kelowna real estate and the neighbourhoods you’ll find it in are well-known and some are very sought after. No matter which one you choose, you’ll find a place that’s best suited for you and your family.


Located at the north end of the city, Glenmore is a mix of suburban and country living, and is one of the most family-friendly communities in Kelowna. It’s a 10-15 minute drive to downtown, but you won’t feel like you have to make the jaunt since there’s plenty of amenities right in the area.

The neighbourhood has Watson and North Glenmore Elementary, Dr. Knox Middle, and Kelowna Secondary schools, so your kids won’t have far to go to make it to class on time. There’s plenty to do outside with scenic walking trails, playgrounds, and an off-leash dog park for everyone to burn off any excess energy. There’s even the annual Glenmore Valley Family Fun Day in June to look forward to and help build community spirit!


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Lower Mission

If your family thrives near the water, then Lower Mission might be the best neighbourhood for you. Located on the shore of Okanagan Lake, this area is where you’ll want to be, come the summer months.

Not only the home of the sand and sun of Boyce-Gyro Beach, Lower Mission also features the serene Hobson Beach waterfront park and plenty of walking and cycling paths through the Mission Creek Greenway. There’s also the H2O Centre and the Mission Recreation Park if you’re not keen on being out in the sun all day but still want to get some activity in.

There are plenty of schools, including Anne McClymont, Bellevue Creek, and Dorothea Walker Elementary, KLO and Canyon Falls Middle, and OKM Secondary, so your kids can do their entire K-12 in the same neighbourhood if necessary.

Upper Mission

Further from the water, but still a pretty great location, Upper Mission has spectacular views of the whole valley and the amenities that make it one of Kelowna’s family-friendly communities.

There’s lots to explore in the Upper Mission, including the Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park which feature plenty of scenic views and the famous Kettle Valley Railway trestles. Visit the Cedar Creek for wine tasting and some fantastic dining.

For schools you’ve got Chute Lake Elementary, and the neighbourhood falls into the catchment area for Canyon Falls Middle and OKM Secondary, so all the bases are covered.

Black Mountain

To have the out-of-town experience while still being relatively close to the city itself, Black Mountain gives a small town vibe near the big city.

Located 20 minutes from downtown, Black Mountain is a nature lover’s paradise. There’s plenty of scenic walking trails, including Gopher Creek Linear Park, Garner Pond Park, Canyon Park, and Stockley Open Space, just to name a few!

For schools you’ve got Black Mountain Elementary and Springvalley Middle schools, with Rutland Secondary as the nearby high school.


Located northeast of downtown and close to UBC-Okanagan, Rutland may be one of the most affordable family-friendly communities in Kelowna.

Evolving over the years, Rutland has become its own city-within-the-city, including its own downtown core with grocery stores, restaurants and other amenities. With a mix of newer and older housing, it’s a great location for families, seniors, and everyone in between.

Rutland has an elementary, middle, and high school that all surround the Rutland Sports Field and Activity Centre, so there’s no shortage of places for the kids to play.

Shannon Lake

Shannon Lake in West Kelowna is a family-friendly gem, offering a blend of natural beauty and amenities. With its picturesque lake, walking trails, and nearby schools, it’s perfect for outdoor activities and education.

The community’s safety and spirit make it an ideal choice for families seeking a peaceful yet connected lifestyle. Shannon Lake is surrounded by well-maintained walking trails and green spaces, making it a great spot for picnics, fishing, or simply enjoying the tranquility of nature.

The area is home to Shannon Lake Elementary School, which is known for its strong academic programs and supportive community. Additionally, nearby middle and high schools offer quality education and a variety of extracurricular activities to cater to diverse interests.

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Choose your neighbourhood

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