Boutique real estate brokerages are gaining in popularity.

In a boutique brokerage, the team can cultivate and develop a united vision, a positive corporate culture, and initiatives to enhance the level of service and match the region’s current market environment.

As such, boutique firms offer clients the ultimate in quality service.

As a Kelowna boutique brokerage, Points West Realty Group has access to the very same MLS Real Estate Listings in Kelowna, West Kelowna and Peachland, marketing initiatives and technology the larger agencies do. With us, however, there’s an assurance that you will receive impeccable representation from the beginning of your real estate transaction to the very end.

Reasons to Choose A Boutique Real Estate Brokerage

1) Quality of Quantity

  • We understand that every client has a unique set of needs
  • You matter and so do your opinions.
  • We strategize according to your wants and wishes
  • We strive for complete satisfaction throughout the entire process
  • We are customer-service focused rather than statistics-driven
  • Our vision is motivated by our goal to offer the highest level of service
  • We match our strategies to take advantage of the current local real estate market conditions

2) Office Support

  • We are motivated to achieve the very best results for you
  • Our dedication to you lasts the entire duration of your real estate needs
  • Our specialized staff works together — We believe in dedicated collaboration

3) Specialized Agents with Top-level Experience

  • By keeping our firm small, we are able to be selective with our associates to ensure your needs will always be properly addressed
  • Each agent is driven, proficient and set on achieving your real estate goals
  • We have real estate professionals who specialize in working with buyers, sellers and developers.

4) Innovation and Customization

  • Quick and ongoing communication between client and agent
  • Unique and customizable marketing methods
  • Speedy implementation of marketing to ensure precious time isn’t wasted

5) Client Care:

  • You are our priority and we are diligent in proving ourselves
  • Our focus is on client satisfaction rather than building an empire

6) Our Community Matters:

  • We believe in community growth and a strong economy through home ownership
  • We have a long history of community support in Kelowna and beyond, with ongoing efforts to the Children’s Miracle Network

Our specialized team of agents work with you to determine your best options. We take the necessary time, ensuring you don’t feel rushed or pressured into buying or selling property that you aren’t fully set on.

For more information on how our boutique firm can assist you, please contact us at:

Points West Realty Group