March Home Maintenance Check List

Published on March 6, 2023

Homeownership isn’t all about choosing furniture and paint colours; a lot of work must be done to maintain the integrity of your home. And keeping up with that essential maintenance will save you from a massive repair bill down the line.

Aside from keeping the house clean and keeping tabs on everything indoors, now is an excellent time to look at what you’ll need to do outdoors this spring. Read on for some tasks as the temperature outdoors becomes more palatable.

Clean the gutters

This job is the worst, but it is essential. Rain gutters are designed to collect the rainwater that rolls off your roof and direct it away from your house. Excessive moisture around the foundation can cause it to shift and crack, leading to costly repairs down the road. 

Inspect the roof

A house isn’t a house without a roof and is a piece of construction that takes the brunt of rain and snow. It will not last forever, whether you have shingles, metal, or any other material, so getting a good look at the roof’s condition is a good idea. The sooner any issues can get fixed, the less likely you’ll have to deal with water damage, mould, or infestation.

Clean the AC condenser

You want the air conditioner to work correctly once the summer’s heat returns in full force. Using your garden hose, spray off the dirt and debris collected on the condenser’s outside. Please don’t use a pressure washer, as it could bend the fins of the vents. Also, remember to switch out the air filter. If you prefer to leave it to the professionals, call an AC cleaning company that will handle everything for you.

Check the concrete

Paved driveways and walkways are at the mercy of the freeze and thaw of the ground it rests on, so do a thorough inspection and see if any cracks have formed or have spread in these areas. You can use a sealant on any damages to help prevent them from spreading.

Caulk the windows and doors

Look around your doors and windows to see how the caulking held up over the winter. If the caulking looks worn down, remove it and recaulk the window or door. Recaulking can prevent moisture from getting inside and cold air from getting out when using the AC.

Look over the deck

Check the boards for rot or other damage if your deck is made of wood. The last thing you need is someone falling through a rotten board or leaning on a damaged railing. And if the wood is looking a little dingy, hit it with the powerwasher to get the colour back.

Prep the yard and garden

You might think this one is about aesthetics, but having a healthy yard and garden is only possible with proper maintenance. As the ground thaws, look at removing any sticks or rocks from the lawn and any garden beds. While you might think it’s best to bag up the grass clippings and leaves when you mow, you have the perfect mulch for your lawn if you go over the grass and leaves with the mower.

Ready for your own home? 

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